Wax Funtimes + New Great Cheap Moisturizer!

Despite the horrible weather on the east coast, I made it to my long overdue brow and lip wax. I was three weeks behind due to a migraine, my surgery, and then painkillers. Yesterday’s post is a before and here is my after. 🙂

(the second one is filtered because I was in horrible lighting)

(the first one is pink because it was literally a minute after getting waxed)

But ladies, how about that mascara?! This one is from the drugstore and is really impressing me. It is Maybelline Full and Soft. On me it feels very light and fluttery but it separates and lengthens gorgeously. I didn’t even curl my lashes today and I still got a very flirty, lifted look. I haven’t had any smudging with this one, but for some reason mascaras don’t ever smudge on me (knock on wood).

On to the moisturizer —

I got mine for about $12 at Ulta. I am not a huge fan of the scent (or any scent in any moisturizer) BUT…

it is knocking my beloved Cerave out of the park right now. My skin has been so extremely dry and flaky lately that it has needed something thicker. This derma e moisturizer is heavy (which I love), 75% of it sinks right in and the other 25% remains a little dewy (not shiny or oily) and makeup goes on fine over it. I’m sure it would all sink in if one applied less, but I really need a barrier between my poor skin and my apartment’s heating system.

It doesn’t have SPF, but I’ve read that it mixes well with other products. I will try mixing my Cerave with SPF in with it. Today for my wax, I went with just this moisturizer and a floppy hat for sun protection.

(me being a total selfie goober in my new hat and marc jacobs lippie)

I hope you have a wonderful snow/ice day if you’re with me on the east coast! Drive safe. 🙂 And treat yourself to a long bath and a sheet mask for a pampered evening.


Waxing for the First Time! (brows/lip)

I became fed up with tweezing my bushy brows (or should I say brow?), and absolutely could not tolerate the festering thing that was becoming a mustache on my upper lip, so I went in for my first wax yesterday afternoon. It was only $18 total at Glow Med Spa. The atmosphere was quiet and soothing. Thanks to this, I didn’t get the slightest bit anxious at the thought of dozens of hairs being ripped from my face all at once.

I told the esthetician that I liked my brows full and natural looking, but much less unruly than their state upon entering. She gave me exactly what I wanted! I winced a little each time, and my eyes watered when we got to my lip, but it really was a positive treat-yoself experience!



After (1 day later, after the redness went away):


In neither of these photos did I use a brow pencil, which I normally do use.

I have already booked my next appointment — 4 weeks away! Can’t believe I’m saying that I am looking forward to another waxing. Goodbye, tweezers and magnifying mirror! Burn in hell, almost-mustache! Hello, supermodel brows! Well, I’m allowed to feel like that, right?