New Favorite Nail Polish

This has been sitting on top of my makeup organizer for a month or two, untouched. Tonight was the night for Revlon’s famous Cherries in the Snow nail polish. Now I want the matching lipstick! (like I need another red…)


Ignore the sloppiness, I have a tremor. But…

I just love it. There’s such depth to the color with blue/purple undertones. It went on opaque in one coat, but I painted two just to see it the color changed any. It seemed to get deeper with a second coat. Paired with my new Formula X topcoat it is ultra shiny. I usually wear nude or dark nails, but this will be my new stand-by for sure!



mani(c) monday + sobriety jewelz



Formula X “Wunderkind” (dark dark dark indigo) and “Pedal to the Metal” (shimmery purple)

Why do I wear so many rings?

Onyx- Antique. I had just gotten out of my first psych ward stay and I believed that, at 20 years old, I was born new or something.

Topaz- 30 days sober, the day I fully committed to quitting smoking (I had a few days under my belt, but I had tried to quit so many times before that it didn’t seem to matter)

Garnet- 2 months sober.

Amethyst- Antique. 2 months smoke-free.

Opal/pink sapphires- 3 months sober. A gift from my mother, along with a matching bracelet (I wear it daily also). I had quit drinking before, but never made it to 3 months.

Spending, I realized, was a problem. In all the bipolar memoirs I have read, spending is a problem. I was saving ~$300/month from abstaining from alcohol alone, but I was running out of fingers. I decided to wait until 6 months until my next sobriety bling purchase. It really helps to motivate me. It was the only thing that helped my smoking cravings in the beginning as well.

Call me a quack, but I believe (in believing) in the healing properties of gemstones. The first one I bought for sobriety, blue topaz, helps with addiction and clarity. And here I am.

skin, hair, and nail things that have treated me well in November and December


This little eye cream in a tube by Cerave is convenient, hygienic, inexpensive, and very moisturizing. If I forget this for a day, I notice. When I started using it, I noticed that my eye makeup (foundation, concealer, and shadows) went on a hell of a lot better. I have tried more expensive eye creams, and this one tops them, in my humble, pharmacy-skincare-fanatic opinion.


My heavy-duty moisturizers. I use the Cetaphil cream on my face almost every night and some mornings (let’s be real, I don’t get my shit together until the afternoon). Makeup goes on fine over it. It’s super rich but not greasy. I also use it after a shower/bath all over. It’s cheap, a jar lasts forever, and it feels so luxurious! I spot treat with the Aquaphor. Flaky nose, lips, brows, scabs (gross), whatever. Once every week or two I put on a thin layer on my whole face overnight. It doesn’t break me out, it just banishes any dryness (can you tell how much I obsessively hate dry skin?).


My holy grail every day or I’ll die moisturizers. My dermatologist told me to use them, and she is a saint. Or a god. Or something. They are exactly the same except for the one marked a.m. has sun protection. They sink right into the skin and leave it soft but not shiny. Foundation applies like a dream over them (after a primer) (haven’t tried without a primer because I am a believer in the priming).


THIS STUFF. MAN, OH MAN, THIS STUFF. If you have acne scars, BUY IT NOW. Get your ass to Sephora and drop the dollars because this gets rid of them!! I know, I know, there are some scary studies about lab rats who were dunked into super-concentrated vats of hydroquinone. But I quit drinking and smoking and diet coke. I will keep rubbing hydroquinone on my face. Shoot me (please don’t it will leave a scar!) (or do, the scar will be gone in two weeks!).


My cleansers. I have a special place in my heart for these guys. Washing my face twice daily is so soothing. I get so… so zen about the whole thing. In the morning I just use the Cetaphil, like my dermatologist told me to. I love this cleanser. I love all of these cleansers. Sigh. At night I use the rest all mixed together. The Biore black cleanser seriously gets all of the shit out of your pores. My derm did not tell me to use this, but commented on how perfectly empty my pores were after I started using. Yeah, I said using, like drugs. It’s that good. The scrub is a super cheap, fine scrub that is suitable for daily use and smells nice. The Blemish Control Bar is a sacred thing. It contains sulphur and salicylic acid and other goodies that beat acne-causing demons out of your life with brass knuckles. It somehow does not dry you out or sting you in the process, because It is kind. My derm sold me the Blemish Control Bar. Miracles come in little jars.

My cleansing routine is intense and not for the faint-of-heart. So was my acne! But now it is gone. Gone!

When I go to wash my face at night, lover says, “is it okay if I watch an episode of Frasier while you’re in there?”

Frasier was our thing that we watched together.

Face routine, you’re tearing us apart!!


Basic chapstick. I buy the five-pack and have one in every coat pocket and two (?) in the bathroom. I use it every night and under every lipstick or gloss. My lips stay nice. (I have not yet mentioned on this blog that I am a professional trombonist. I am not kidding. I am working on a degree in trombone, of all things. So my lips have to stay nice. They are the only thing making me any money.)


Hair and nails. I always get “your hair looks nice today!” when I use it’s a 10. I don’t know what it does, exactly. It really does feel silky. And the Crew pomade is my favorite pomade of the moment. I use it when I want to look polished and extra androgynous. The nail treatment has made my nails super strong. They never break anymore. My nails barely bend (and they are long). It looks fine on its own, and it works very well as a base coat.


These make your scalp feel like it is brushing its teeth, and it feels amazing. My super thick hair is shinier and more manageable since I started using this line.

You might be able to tell that I am a tad OCD about skincare. So be it. It calms me down. That’s kind of the thing with OCD, the rituals calm you down. But at least these are socially acceptable and okayed by someone with a degree.