January Empties (skincare, makeup, meds) + Reviews

I used up tons of things — mostly meds — in January! But a few skincare and makeup fun things made it in my box of trash as well.


Look, a pharmacy!


I used up loads of Latuda. It does me good. And some trazodone for sleeping, doxycycline for acne (it works!), venlafaxine for being a sad sack of shit, and topamax for I don’t even know. A mood stabilizer or something.


And my gummy vitamins because I’m a responsible adult. Multivitamin because I never eat, probiotics because they’re good for everything, and fiber because I never eat. Seriously. Working on it. I have repurchased variations on all of these, plus B12, CoQ10, and D per my Dr’s recommendation.


I had 6 of these and I used them all. They actually worked. I found them on sale, and I’d buy them again if they were on sale again.


My everyday mascara is all gone. I am fairly blessed in the lash department, but this made them blacker and a tad longer and thicker. I don’t like looking like I’m wearing falsies during the day, so this mascara was perfect for me. Those va-va-voom mascaras make me look like I’m trying wayyyy too hard. It never irritated my sensitive eyes and it always removed completely with my beloved Cetaphil cleanser. I’ll repurchase this after I use up some other dusty mascaras.


This one did me the most good, as I am depressed recently and rarely take a shower. One application lasts like, 3 days. If you knew me IRL you’d be thankful that I found such a trusty sidekick. I like that it doesn’t have a scent, because I’m a perfume geek. I already repurchased it.

And that’s my trash, ladies (I really don’t think any gentlemen save my lover read this) (hello lover). Hopefully more makeup will make it onto my face and then into the trash by March.

By the way, the mascara was in my Project 10 Pan. Hooray!


MarthasMakeup Has Entered the Next Level


Expect much better photos soon!

Upcoming blogs: favorite skincare products, cosmetics, and medications of December 2014; New Year’s Resolutions (hey, I’m a resolutions person. I learned to embrace it); year in review.

Until then, I shall play with this new toy…
: )