New Favorite Nail Polish

This has been sitting on top of my makeup organizer for a month or two, untouched. Tonight was the night for Revlon’s famous Cherries in the Snow nail polish. Now I want the matching lipstick! (like I need another red…)


Ignore the sloppiness, I have a tremor. But…

I just love it. There’s such depth to the color with blue/purple undertones. It went on opaque in one coat, but I painted two just to see it the color changed any. It seemed to get deeper with a second coat. Paired with my new Formula X topcoat it is ultra shiny. I usually wear nude or dark nails, but this will be my new stand-by for sure!



mani(c) monday + sobriety jewelz



Formula X “Wunderkind” (dark dark dark indigo) and “Pedal to the Metal” (shimmery purple)

Why do I wear so many rings?

Onyx- Antique. I had just gotten out of my first psych ward stay and I believed that, at 20 years old, I was born new or something.

Topaz- 30 days sober, the day I fully committed to quitting smoking (I had a few days under my belt, but I had tried to quit so many times before that it didn’t seem to matter)

Garnet- 2 months sober.

Amethyst- Antique. 2 months smoke-free.

Opal/pink sapphires- 3 months sober. A gift from my mother, along with a matching bracelet (I wear it daily also). I had quit drinking before, but never made it to 3 months.

Spending, I realized, was a problem. In all the bipolar memoirs I have read, spending is a problem. I was saving ~$300/month from abstaining from alcohol alone, but I was running out of fingers. I decided to wait until 6 months until my next sobriety bling purchase. It really helps to motivate me. It was the only thing that helped my smoking cravings in the beginning as well.

Call me a quack, but I believe (in believing) in the healing properties of gemstones. The first one I bought for sobriety, blue topaz, helps with addiction and clarity. And here I am.