February Favorites

Wow, I’ve been blogging for three months! So WordPress is a favorite. But here are my makeup/skincare/fashion favs of last month:

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation

This has gotten me so many skin compliments, even though life had my skin acting crazy in February. It worked perfectly over my usually heavy moisturizer with SPF and mix of primers. The shade 01 was perfect for me and left me looking glowy without a highlighter. Blush and bronzer blended perfectly over it, and whatever I put on my face lasted all day (even if I wore a winter hat!). Awesome coverage, not at all drying, and super quick to work with. Looks like skin. I’ll repurchase it when I run out for sure.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

I used this almost every day in February. It adds the perfect amount of dimension back to your face after a fuller coverage foundation, and it has a soft sheen, so you can skip a highlight. It fades well with bronzer or looks fine without it. It has awesome staying power, especially with the drugstore price tag! In March, I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for more pinks and corals, but Luminoso will always be my standby.

Nude Lipstick

I was tired of bold winter shades by the middle of February. I wanted a pale as pale can be nude, and I bought several (oops) at the drugstore. I don’t have a single favorite, but I love the Maybelline mattes and Wet n Wild lippies. I also enjoyed pairing pale nudes with NARS Orgasm lip gloss. When I wasn’t wearing that, I was combining…

Buxom White Russian & Rimmel Eastend Snob

This is a my lips but pinker and not-too-glossier but oh-so-plumper combo. It just looks so… fertile. Something sexual about how lush my lips look right after I draw them on with these two. They are both new to me, but I think they will definitely be year-round repurchases.


These days, I don’t leave the house without tightlining. It was torture the first few times, but I’ve found a much easier and peaceful way to do it that I’ll soon share on here. Tightlining, whether you are only wearing a shimmery nude shade and mascara or a full blown smokey eye, makes the eyes and lashes stand out that much more. It makes one look so much more awake and doe-eyed. Now that it’s easier, I actually look forward to it!

Aquaphor and Lanolin

I actually layer these if my skin is flaking no matter how much exfoliating and moisturizing I do. I use the mix like a spot treatment overnight and in the morning before I wash my face. When I take it off, what was rough is all of a sudden baby soft and supple. I have been using it on my lips, around my nostrils, and between my eyebrows all of the time with fantastic results. 

My New Handbag

(mine is the blue one)

This was a great deal, it goes with everything, it’s perfect for spring, and it has tons of pockets! I adore it. It is made out of a very soft but durable feeling vegan faux leather.

Pukka Three Ginger Tea

Isn’t the box so pretty? I bought it to help the pains from my advanced acid reflux, but it is surprisingly sweet and delicious! It really warms you up from the inside. Ginger and licorice are good for digestion while turmeric is an anti-inflamitory. So it does me loads of good with every sip, and it looks great on my countertop. I found mine at Vitamin Shoppe.

There are my month’s favorites. My least favorites would be mascara drying up and this nasty cold damp weather in Virginia. But spring is coming, and opportunities abound.

What are some of your transitional favorites?


first day of twerk and beauty hack

scrub selfie coming tomorrow, don’t worry (I got my XS navy blue scrubs today). 🙂

I woke up at 5:15, managed to shower, moisturize, get dressed, feed myself (omg shocker! green juice + half serving of greek yogurt mixed in), and have two cups of tea before I left at 6:30. Of course I put on a touch of makeup… 🙂 just BB cream, powder, blush/bronzer/highlight, brows, mascara, and a neutral lip+gloss. And the lover isn’t waiting on the bathroom at that ungodly hour so it’s all mine.

Everything was wonderful! My job is mostly making sure animals are happy, fed, and pooped. I also have to make sure everything is very clean and that anything smelly is outside in the trash (or if it is living, in the tub). And there is a ton of laundry to keep up with, and lots of dishes and litter pans to wash. So it is busy but very manageable.

Right now I’ll be training at 7am every weekday for about 3 weeks. I’m already loving the new productive feeling. I’m out before noon so I still have plenty of time for my music, my writing, my own animals and friends, my doctors appointments, and whatever else I do with my life.

Highlight of the day: bathing two cats, hahaha. They really didn’t seem to hate it quite as much as I anticipated. Of course they would’ve rather been napping on their towels but alas, I was just following orders.

I also cleaned up chihuahua diarrhea, but I will be doing a lot of that! I’m glad the Great Dane across the hall didn’t have a similar accident!! Can’t wait to walk him. 🙂

So it was a grand day! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. My dog loved sniffing all of my new smells when I got home today.

~~~and now for the beauty hack~~~




(this is not the color I wore to work)

Use nipple cream as a safe and hydrating and very glossy alternative to gloss! I used it on top of a Wet n Wild lipstick that tends to be quite drying. It didn’t move the color around at all, but it made it super shiny (which I was going for). I might switch my pocket standby (aquaphor)!

I know it’s not the most glam beauty tip of all time but I love it!