BB/CC Cream Stockpile for the Apocalypse and a Review

How did this happen?! How did I give into the BB and CC cream craze and why oh why do I want Estée Lauder’s EE cream?!


Now that I’m doing Project Pan, I might as well add in a Project Tube. I’ll wear one until it’s done around the house, when I walk the dog, whenever I don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup. I’ll start with Yes to Grapefruits CC Cream.


It has SPF 18 and promises to even and brighten skin with evodia fruit. Never heard of it… but I’ll put it on my face. 🙂




And then set with Rimmel Stay Matte powder:


Review: My skin drank it up very nicely. It is the only moisturizer I used. No extra creams or serums. The coverage is decent but leaves much to be desired. It covered most scarring and redness on my forehead and cheeks, but still let my freckles show through. It attempted to cover thing-on-my-chin. It really needs to be set with powder, as the SPF makes it a bit too shiny for my taste. I’ll happily use it until it’s gone, but I won’t do much other than walk the dog and do household chores in it. And then it’s on to the next zombie from the BB cream graveyard…

take care!




Get Un-Ready With Me! (winter skincare)

Time to take off day 1 of Project Pan! It wore well, except for this bothersome blemish on my chin, sigh.


First, I cleanse my skin with a scrub, a charcoal pore cleanser, and my dermatologist’s recommended blemish bar (contains sulfur and salicylic acid). I use all of these with a CVS knock-off of a Clarisonic.


The scrub smooths my skin, the Biore charcoal cleanser keeps my pores so clear that my dermatologist even commented on their emptiness (!), and the PCA blemish bar has done a really good job of halting breakouts. I’ve had about 75% less acne since I started using it.

Next are my serums… I have a serum addiction. Anything to fix my acne scarring!!


The Murad serum has definitely significantly lightened my hyper pigmentation from years of acne. It’s too soon to tell with the Clinique. The Estée Lauder and the Palmers serum are great for extra moisture under a cream.

Speaking of creams…


Wow, I put a lot of shit on my face at night! But nothing beats hydrated skin… other than clear skin (yes, I’m looking at you, genes). The Cetaphil cream seals the deal as far as winter moisturizers go. Cerave was recommended to me by my dermatologist, and she also prescribed Eletone. So I mix them all together. And some Cerave eye cream can’t hurt (in fact, eye makeup goes on much better when I’ve been using it for a while).

Throw in some toothpaste and chapstick and you have my winter nighttime routine! Any tips for dark spots or dry skin? I’d love to hear them in the comments. 🙂