Sephora Haul

So I ended my no-buy after running out of a few things. I ran out of my only rose gold eye shadow, I became quite dissatisfied with the brow pencil I’ve been using and my only top coat for my nails, and I needed a better pair of tweezers. Plus one impulse buy in deluxe sample size (something I’ve had my eye on for a month). Here are my splurges–


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown. I had a sales associate apply this to my bare brows and I loved the look, so I bought it, and it didn’t cost much. Covers up a bald spot in my brow perfectly. Shapes them up and is the perfect color match.


Tweezerman mini tweezers, cause I get some independent refugee hairs in between waxings.

I am in control of my eyebrows, you guys. They do not own me…


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Trio Sample Sizes in Pearl, Opal, and Champagne Gold. This was the impulse buy at checkout, because what is a trip to Sephora without caving in at the last moment? These are beautiful. Opal makes the cheekbones look sculpted and dewy. But not greasy or glittery. Just what I was looking for. It’s the only shade I have tried on my face so far, but I have high hopes for the rest!


Formula X Fast Dry Top Coat. I hated my last Sally Hansen top coat. Hopefully this one is better. I use mostly Formula X polishes, so I went with this brand.

And last but not least…


Naked 3!! I have wanted this for so long! Rose gold is my favorite eyeshadow look so this seemed like a must for my first high-end palette (yep). I swatched a few and I am SO excited to put it on my lids tomorrow. 🙂

And now back to my no-buy until I run out of something.


Waxing for the First Time! (brows/lip)

I became fed up with tweezing my bushy brows (or should I say brow?), and absolutely could not tolerate the festering thing that was becoming a mustache on my upper lip, so I went in for my first wax yesterday afternoon. It was only $18 total at Glow Med Spa. The atmosphere was quiet and soothing. Thanks to this, I didn’t get the slightest bit anxious at the thought of dozens of hairs being ripped from my face all at once.

I told the esthetician that I liked my brows full and natural looking, but much less unruly than their state upon entering. She gave me exactly what I wanted! I winced a little each time, and my eyes watered when we got to my lip, but it really was a positive treat-yoself experience!



After (1 day later, after the redness went away):


In neither of these photos did I use a brow pencil, which I normally do use.

I have already booked my next appointment — 4 weeks away! Can’t believe I’m saying that I am looking forward to another waxing. Goodbye, tweezers and magnifying mirror! Burn in hell, almost-mustache! Hello, supermodel brows! Well, I’m allowed to feel like that, right?