that awkward moment (tw ed)

when you find your perfect contour shade and you also accidentally lost 8 pounds that you really needed to keep

lol I look like a grasshopper who needs a wax and to pick a damn lip color for the evening why is wearing maroon so hard

(don’t worry wax is happening tomorrow at noon, lip & brows)

for my mental health readers I’m manic as a motherfuhhhh

I miss my tits and ass, lord bring them back to me I’m just a little white girl who once had cred


on a lighter note, makeup magic

from surgery slum queen to normal looking person…. drumroll please…



less than 24 hours later, makeup by yours truly



also, my 1 year old dog got to play in the snow for the first time this week! he was in a daycare/kennel that he loves with a bunch of big dogs like him, and he got to play all day every day while I had nasty surgery. 🙂 Mine is the spotted one with the shark mouth. Biting everyone. Because he is bad when he is not snuggling me.





Sorry for my bleak-ass posts for the past week, I’m trying to stay cheery.