January Favorites

I’ve been a makeup minimalist this month, but that doesn’t mean I’ve used less products. Just the same things over and over again. A few of these are repeats from December, but they’re the real stars.


Cerave A.M. and P.M. moisturizers, five pumps each. My skin drinks it up. I’m glad it’s cheap!


And I use this Cerave eye cream day and night. It really makes a difference with puffiness, dark circles, and dryness.


This has replaced all lipgloss this month. It looks like gloss, but it actually helps soothe chapped lips! I always have a tube in my pocket, in my bathroom, and by my bed. My lips are forever glossy and healthy.


I’ve been using this CC cream daily instead of foundation. It evens me out, I can mix it with my darling Cerave, and I don’t need to set with powder. I have been loving the feeling of it on my skin. It supposedly diminishes acne scars, as well.

Some bath favorites:



This shampoo bar and conditioner from lush make my hair feel 1) really really clean, 2) really really soft, and 3) really really shiny (not in a greasy way). They both have a light herbal scent which I love. I don’t have to use any extra hair product to get the shine I like. I use pomade sometimes, but I’d rather not, because it makes bed head a nightmare and Lord knows I can’t bother to wet my head on a daily basis. So these two are favorites for this month and onward.

Other bath favorites include everything else from Lush I have tried (mostly bubble bath products)! I’m a pampered bath lady.

Oh, one more makeup item.


Dipbrow is a new favorite. I use it everyday because otherwise I’m nude!


And this topcoat is a stunner. Dries quick, super shiny, no chips for days. What more could one wish for?

Coming soon: blog post on my top ten lippies (that I will project pan) (project pan is a verb you guys)!


someone’s depressed and can’t get in the tub

so I did my first ever order with LUSH cosmetics to hopefully solve this problem.


there’s no LUSH near me, although I live in a pretty large city. There are two Sephora stores within 10 minutes of my apartment, for Christ’s sake.

Anyway, I have running water. Not like I’m using it. But I should stop complaining.

But I also have purple lipstick. Which I am using. To go to the bookstore. Because I need to leave the house (it’s been three or four days) (I know, I just wrote that “I’m so level” post, I jinxed myself, shut up). Chop, chop go my sentences.


Gloomy me in pleather and purple and a faux fur hat. And literally no other makeup because effort is hiding these days.

Ciao. Take your meds, put on your faces, get in your tubs.