Date Night for 180 Days of Sober

My lover took me to a lovely fancy restaurant for my big day. I got all dressed up in a black and white dress, opaque black tights, and dark red pointy low heels. With an hour of makeup and a spritz of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I was ready to go. 🙂

I kept my eye makeup neutral but my lashes long, and I used a more springy orange blush by NYX. On the lips, I used a recent favorite of mine: Marc Jacobs lip creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I even got a compliment on my lips when we went to a bookstore after our date!

My sober face. 🙂

I did not feel comfortable taking my phone out at the restaurant to snap pictures of our plates. They were beautiful, though! I had the grilled swordfish in a green tea honey glaze with bok choy and butternut squash orzo, and for dessert I had a green tea honey creme brûlée. Everything was amazing. The swordfish, which I had never had before, was so sweet and perfectly cooked. Lover had a steak and sorbet and the bill. 😉

I felt positively glowing the whole time. I’m so proud of myself for my six months, the clarity I have found, the stability I have created. And I have such amazing support.



  1. kbailey374 · March 2, 2015



  2. Bemused · March 2, 2015

    Yaaaay! Good for you 🙂


  3. Christiana · March 4, 2015

    Way to go! Keep at it girl – you’re doing amazing & should (well indeed) be proud of yourself 🙂 Must have been a great night – you looked radiant and all the food sounded absolutely delish!!


  4. V · March 4, 2015

    Congrats! You look great 🙂


  5. ksdays100 · March 4, 2015

    Yay, there’s my favorite word…”Clarity”!! Congrats!

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  6. blahpolar · March 6, 2015

    Nomnomnom swordfish. Although, poor swordfish, but still nom. Your bf is lovely, I’m growing fonder of him by the day.


  7. blahpolar · March 6, 2015

    180 days sober is very fucking impressive.


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