painkillers and bubblebaths

lover is helping me take a bath so I don’t drown

he is just perfect

it is the rose bath bubbleroon thing with coconut oil in the middle by lush so my bath water is all pink

I am blogging from the tub

they couldn’t do the surgery today because my gums were too infected around the devil teeth

but they scraped the infection clean

it hurt so bad

I sobbed and I sobbed and all I could say was

it hurts so bad

for an hour

despite a double dose of hydrocodone

so that is how I spent my Valentine’s Day

I was also allergic to the first antibiotic so I got a rash and was very pink and itchy, true to the holiday

but I have taken another round of hydrocodone and I am feeling less angry about the pain and if I open my mouth just right I can sleep or think

I will miss so much work

I really hope I keep my job I was loving it so much

things I am thankful for
-my lover
-my father
-my very nice emergency dentists
-lush bath products
-my animals
-my friends for putting up with my bitching
-everyone who has been so nice and supportive and caring on WordPress
-the lack of desire to abuse painkillers



  1. kbailey374 · February 15, 2015

    so any idea when they will do the surgery?


    • MarthasMakeup · February 15, 2015

      The dentist said it might take a week for the infection to go down (I don’t know how I will deal with a week of level 10 pain) so anytime after that hopefully. I have a scheduled consultation with an oral surgeon on Friday that I will plead to move earlier when the office opens on Monday.

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  2. ksdays100 · February 15, 2015

    Yikes! I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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  3. kbailey374 · February 16, 2015

    They gave you another antibiotic I hope? how are you doing today? Signed, Nurse K lol (I really AM a nurse)


    • MarthasMakeup · February 16, 2015

      I ended up going to my parents’ home a few hours away. My dad is a surgeon and my mom is a nurse so they pulled some strings and I was seen today by a nice oral surgeon. They couldnt take the teeth out today because of a snow storm and there werent enough nurses. But I’ll have them out on Thursday morning. 🙂 And he put me on Dilaudid instead of Vicodin. And I’m taking a different antibiotic, yes. It is very nice to have my nurse mother taking care of me!!

      Dilaudid is reeeeeally strong. No complaints here, haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • kbailey374 · February 17, 2015

        I’m glad you are being well cared for – I bet Thursday feels like it can’t come soon enough,. Hang in there


  4. innerdragon · February 16, 2015



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