brrrrr makeup and I’m really crazy


Well I got all dolled up to pay rent and see if I could find any deals anywhere. Wearing acid-wash jeggings (when I thought I fit into my skinniest jeans, I find I fit into skinnier jeggings. life), white t, black pleather jacket, matching combat-esque boots, and a faux fur hat. Because it’s fxcking cold today– below freezing. Never eating doesn’t help.

Boyfriend tried to make me eat a handful of cereal last night. I negotiated the number of blueberries I would eat from 5 to 10, and no cereal.

Because I really have my shit together, guys.

I’m supposed to take one of my meds with 400 calories 2x per day. Or it doesn’t absorb correctly. Jesus.

Do you (for my bipolar readers) ever feel more bipolar than other times? I had a serious moody moment last night. I came home from a rehearsal that went well, and as soon as I put my stuff down, I became an inconsolable rain cloud. And quite mean. Sorry, lover. An hour later, I was hyper and having a mini-tantrum over blueberries and the evils of Dr. Pepper* (get that shit away from me).

*I have a very legitimate reason for hating Dr. Pepper but I will never discuss it, just trust me and don’t fucking buy it.

Like, I am fucking insane and I don’t know if my sex is the bomb or something but my lover just won’t leave me no matter how weird I get. Thanks for not leaving me.

makeup deets-

face- Maybelline fluid whatever foundation in the palest they offer, nars laguna, milani luminoso, becca champagne gold

eyes- tarte palette that I don’t know the name of but it’s limited edition and neutral-brown-with-gold, maybelline full and soft

brows- anastasia dipbrow in dark brown

lips- Revlon lip liner in rose, Rimmel showoff liquid lipstick thing in luna

I gotta say, my cats and dog were way too shocked when I got my tired ass off the sofa today.

I might even go to a rehearsal tonight for a group I haven’t decided to join yet. Feeling ambitious.

I’m loving this Rimmel peachy-nude liquid lipstick. It matches my blush super well. Also, I forgot what wearing foundation looked like. See ya, hyperpigmentation.

Stay warm.

Oh, I’m also trying to volunteer with NAMI. Hopefully the mysterious ~they~ respond to my email.

blah blah blahhhh

not eating — not absorbing meds — probably leading to my totally irrational way of life right now

but I am scared to eat

please excuse my derailed makeup and mental (poor) health post

at least my face looks decent I think unless I am totally delusional in that aspect of my life as well



  1. blahpolar · February 8, 2015

    Maybe it’s Maybelline.
    Or maybe you’re born with it.

    It will just have to remain one of life’s most mysterious mysteries.

    Another maybe: maybe it’d be better to wait a bit before you volunteer, since you have a new job and only 5 blueberries to fuel you.

    Also, I like your lover.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MarthasMakeup · February 8, 2015

      Yes I agree, I’ll wait on the NAMI stuff. I was reaching out to them mainly out of unemployment woe.

      And my lover is a gem. He is an elementary school music teacher and he has so much energy, patience, and positivity. Swoon. Maybe I’ll steal him a sheep’s heart for Valentine’s Day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • blahpolar · February 8, 2015

        I think you should make it a giraffe heart. He’s a special guy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MarthasMakeup · February 8, 2015

        Nice and big and heavy and squishy and formaldehydey to pull out of a bag on our special day!

        Liked by 1 person

      • blahpolar · February 8, 2015

        Alternatively a bird heart – handy for making some jewellery.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MarthasMakeup · February 8, 2015

        ooooh perhaps a hummingbird heart so he knows how he elevates my heart rate

        Liked by 1 person

      • blahpolar · February 8, 2015

        *wipes away single tear* so beautiful …

        *throws up*


        Liked by 1 person

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