Waxing for the First Time! (brows/lip)

I became fed up with tweezing my bushy brows (or should I say brow?), and absolutely could not tolerate the festering thing that was becoming a mustache on my upper lip, so I went in for my first wax yesterday afternoon. It was only $18 total at Glow Med Spa. The atmosphere was quiet and soothing. Thanks to this, I didn’t get the slightest bit anxious at the thought of dozens of hairs being ripped from my face all at once.

I told the esthetician that I liked my brows full and natural looking, but much less unruly than their state upon entering. She gave me exactly what I wanted! I winced a little each time, and my eyes watered when we got to my lip, but it really was a positive treat-yoself experience!



After (1 day later, after the redness went away):


In neither of these photos did I use a brow pencil, which I normally do use.

I have already booked my next appointment — 4 weeks away! Can’t believe I’m saying that I am looking forward to another waxing. Goodbye, tweezers and magnifying mirror! Burn in hell, almost-mustache! Hello, supermodel brows! Well, I’m allowed to feel like that, right?





  1. bhbeauty · December 20, 2014

    Do you know if this causes the hair to grow back darker or thicker? Ive just been bleaching mine with Jolen x


    • MarthasMakeup · December 20, 2014

      From what I have read, as you wax, the hair that grows back is finer and sparser. I hope it does!! I have very thick, dark hair.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bhbeauty · December 20, 2014

    Thanks, i will consider it! x


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